Get the Look - Vintage Portrait Gallery Wall

We absolutely love a good gallery wall. Especially when it's of all portraits! Here are some of our favorites.
Photo Credit: Carly Page Interiors

Frame Round Up Week 3 - Gold Vintage Frames

This week I'm focusing on those hard to find gold vintage frames because they are the most requested in my DMs. 
Frame Round Up Week 2

Frame Round Up Week 2

Here we go! Week two of our Frame Round Up series. This time we're focusing on vintage frames and are sharing a few favorites we found.
Frame Round Up Week 1

Frame Round Up Week 1


Picking the right frame can be just as hard as deciding what you want to hang on the wall. Say you find a piece you absolutely love, but you hesitate to buy it because you're not sure what frame to you. I know it happens all the time which is why I want to take out some of the guess work.

Each week I'll be sharing a collection of my favorite frames you can buy online. These links are not sponsored. They are simply favorites of mine and I hope they help you create a piece of art you love.



Gold & Espresso Ornate Frame

Vintage Distressed Frame 

Godfrey Gold Foil Frame

Custom Golden Brushed


A gold frame can work on pretty much any piece though it's my favorite to see a gold frame on a portrait or moody landscape.



Black Hammered Frame

Black Antique Frame


Black frames look amazing with art that has a dark background. The frame doesn't detract from the work and adds a lot of wanted texture.  



Chandler Picture Frame

Borromini Frame

Angelia Gold Frame

Bravado Orante Frame


Ornate frames are stunning and in my opinion, elevate any piece of artwork. Try one of the two frames above with a portrait or small landscape.


Toy Box Dining Room Built-In Bench

Toy Box Dining Room Built-In Bench

Sharing this home DIY project is a first, but hopefully not a last. Being in the home decor space has inspired me to take on a few DIY projects to make my home a bit more custom to our family. I'm not a handy person, but I am interested in learning more tricks of the trade. I purchased my first nail gun and circular saw to get started. 

This project was my jumping-off point, and I knew I needed to make it easy on myself. I saw a few tutorials on making a built-in dining bench with Ikea bookshelves, but they weren't deep enough for me. I knew I wanted at least a 19" seat, so I could really hang out and get comfy in the space.

I was shopping for something else on Wayfair when I came across these toy boxes and instantly knew they would be perfect for this project. They were deep enough, and they had storage. WIN, WIN!

Okay, I have to be honest. I didn't do this by myself. My husband, who isn't into home projects AT ALL and has ZERO interest in them, attempted to help me. It didn't go well, so I called my father-in-law to help me. 



I could handle this part by myself, haha! They were really easy to put together. You may need an extra set of hands to assemble the tops, but other than that, these were super easy and straight-forward to put together.


Toy Box Built-In Dining Bench


My father-in-law suggested we add supports between the toy boxes so they wouldn't slide back and forth when someone sat down. We used leftover trim and cut it down to wedge between the toy boxes on both the top at the bottom.

 Toy Box Built-In Dining Bench


We trimmed down the paneling to fit the front and the one visible side. We didn't use glue, though we probably could have. We decided to use a nail gun and call it good.

Toy Box Built-In Dining Bench


The toy box's bottom wasn't flush to the floor, and I knew I didn't want to see any gaps. After we wrapped it with the plywood, we then used some leftover trim to frame it out. That way, it looks like a continuous piece of furniture.

Toy Box Built-In Dining Bench

Toy Box Built-In Dining Bench


I'm a huge fan of Clare paint and already had a gallon of their Fresh Kicks white which I was planning to use for another project. This paint worked great on the plywood and feels like I'll still be able to scrub it should it get dirty.

I used a smooth roller to make sure I didn't have any brush strokes. 

 Toy Box Built-In Dining Bench


Pillows and more pillows! I love pillows! I purchased all of these pillows from One Affirmation. The bench cushions were customized and ordered from NC Patio Cushions on Etsy. I went with three 33" cushions so I would still be able to open the toy chest without having to take off the entire cushion. We store our son's puzzles and games in the first chest so we open it a lot.

Now I just wait on my new light fixture and for the electrician to center it to the table!

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5 Tips for Selecting Art

5 Tips for Selecting Art

One of the questions I get asked all the time is "How do decide what art to purchase?" I'm right there with you if you feel overwhelmed by the number of options there are for art and it can be paralyzing if you overthink it.