One of the questions I get asked all the time is "How do decide what art to purchase?" I'm right there with you if you feel overwhelmed by the number of options there are for art and it can be paralyzing if you overthink it.

Here are a few tips I use for selecting art. 

1. Love the art and trust your gut.

I think Instagram and Pinterest are beautiful tools for finding inspiration, but I would challenge you to select art that you love and not just because you saw it in a photo and you think that it's "in style." Be inspired, but make it your own. You're going to have to see it every day and if you don't truly love it, you'll probably end up swapping it out in the near future.

You want to select art that speaks to you as a person and shows off your style. This is truly personal and you can't get it wrong. If you like it, it will work.

2. Size up your space.

The amount of wall or shelf space you have plays a huge role in the art you select. and the possibilities are endless. Don't get overwhelmed, just stay with me on this. If you have a large space you could do a gallery wall, hang a large format piece, or give the art tons of breathing room and opt for something much smaller. It really depends on what you're drawn to. If you like eclectic, go for the gallery wall and mix it up. If you're more into keeping things simple, opt for keeping your walls clutter-free and hang smaller or fewer pieces.

3. Use an old frame.

If you're like me you have pictures frames shoved in every corner. Maybe you have an old frame or an old piece of art that you're not loving anymore. Use that frame to inspire your next piece of art. Fine art prints and digital downloads from the shop make it incredibly easy to replace an old piece.

4. Focus on the color.

Color is everything and will play a huge role in the final decision. Use your overall design aesthetic and preferences to determine what to hang. If you're going for a more relaxed space, keep the colors muted and easy on the eyes. Want to make a statement, go for a bold palette. If you're selecting art for a single room or for a gallery wall, try to find pieces that go well together.

5. Art doesn't need to hang on the wall.

Smaller pieces of art are perfect for leaning up on a bookshelf or on the countertop in the kitchen. They add character and are easy to move around if you like to keep things fresh.

September 09, 2020 — April Zelenka