Picking the right frame can be just as hard as deciding what you want to hang on the wall. Say you find a piece you absolutely love, but you hesitate to buy it because you're not sure what frame to you. I know it happens all the time which is why I want to take out some of the guess work.

Each week I'll be sharing a collection of my favorite frames you can buy online. These links are not sponsored. They are simply favorites of mine and I hope they help you create a piece of art you love.



Gold & Espresso Ornate Frame

Vintage Distressed Frame 

Godfrey Gold Foil Frame

Custom Golden Brushed


A gold frame can work on pretty much any piece though it's my favorite to see a gold frame on a portrait or moody landscape.



Black Hammered Frame

Black Antique Frame


Black frames look amazing with art that has a dark background. The frame doesn't detract from the work and adds a lot of wanted texture.  



Chandler Picture Frame

Borromini Frame

Angelia Gold Frame

Bravado Orante Frame


Ornate frames are stunning and in my opinion, elevate any piece of artwork. Try one of the two frames above with a portrait or small landscape.


March 01, 2021 — April Zelenka