How to Design a Gallery Wall

How to Design a Gallery Wall

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Create a cohesive color palette for a curated look.

When selecting the pieces for your gallery wall, keep the art in the same color family. You want the gallery wall to feel like it’s working as a collective whole, and no two pieces are fighting with each other. 

Can you break this rule and mix and match colors? Absolutely! It really depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. If you want something a bit more eclectic, go crazy and simply choose pieces you love!

Start with a large piece to anchor the space.

We like to start with two larger pieces towards the middle to anchor the collection. These will be your starting spot which you’ll build off from with smaller pieces. Position the two larger pieces diagonally from one another to help create balance.

Mix Frame styles, art sizes, and orientations.

Don’t be afraid to mix styles -art frames and sizing! Let the frame help tell the story of the piece. It’s amazing what changing a frame can do to a piece of artwork. Also, mix in horizontal and vertical pieces, but always opt for symmetry and balance.